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Underwood is a BMX track that had been ‘converted’ into a 4X track. Its a fairly pedally track with big berms and BMX style jumps. With only 1 weekend between this race and the last one, I hadn’t had a chance to practice my gate starts. So got straight onto it.

There were 10 girls in Elite Women this time, with a few BMXers and a couple of other DH girls. Its not often there are this many girls at a race, so there was great competition.

The track wasn’t technical, and not many places to overtake. So you really needed to make it to the first corner first. I had 3 motos and came 1st in two and 2nd in the last. This put me in a good position for the semi final.

It was a tough semi and I found myself sitting in 3rd. I sprinted out hard, but couldn’t get past. At the final corner I took the outside line and the girl in 2nd took the inside.

I nearly got her on the line, but came in 3rd position. This bumped me out of the final, and I finished in 6th place.

Sunday, 18 October 2009


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