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First ride back - 6 weeks after baby

First ride back - 6 weeks after baby

I was really looking forward to my first ride back after having baby girl. My bike clothes fit again and I even found some riding tops that I forgot I owned.

The sun was shining and I planned a short ride from Ferny Grove to Albany Creek through Ironbark forest and Bunya. Nothing too strenuous.

It was lovely to feel the wind blowing through my hair and hearing the sound of my tyres rolling over the dirt. Ahhh I have missed riding. It didn’t take long to adjust to my new centre of gravity. Last time I rode I had a big pregnant belly. A few times I ‘forgot’ which way I needed to change my gears… a bit embarrassing, but no one was there to see. I didn’t have to get off the bike on any climbs, so that was a bonus. But my granny gear did get used quite a bit.

Lucky newborns sleep quite a bit, so I wasn’t too worried about leaving her with dad for a few hours while she slept. I just needed to be close for when she woke up hungry.

Can’t wait until my next ride! Bring it on!


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