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Back on the bike ! 5 weeks after baby

Back on the bike ! 5 weeks after baby

Yay, my first ride back after having my third baby. It feels like forever that I have ridden. Yet it feels so comfortable and natural.

Penny Farthing Criterium - QLD


First ride back - 6 weeks after baby

First ride back - 6 weeks after baby

I was really looking forward to my first ride back after having baby girl. My bike clothes fit again and I even found some riding tops that I forgot I owned.

The sun was shining and I planned a short ride from Ferny Grove to Albany Creek through Ironbark forest and Bunya. Nothing too strenuous.

It was lovely to feel the wind blowing through my hair and hearing the sound of my tyres rolling over the dirt. Ahhh I have missed riding. It didn’t take long to adjust to my new centre of gravity. Last time I rode I had a big pregnant belly. A few times I ‘forgot’ which way I needed to change my gears… a bit embarrassing, but no one was there to see. I didn’t have to get off the bike on any climbs, so that was a bonus. But my granny gear did get used quite a bit.

Lucky newborns sleep quite a bit, so I wasn’t too worried about leaving her with dad for a few hours while she slept. I just needed to be close for when she woke up hungry.

Can’t wait until my next ride! Bring it on!


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Back on it?

So its been 5 weeks since having a baby. Starting to feel much better and can walk normally again. Its nice to be able to bend over and put my shoes on again, and also to be able to eat a full steak and chips. I am keen to get back on the bike, but want to wait for the obligatory 6 week check before jumping into things. I don’t want to do any further damage.

My weight went straight back to what it was pre-pregnancy but I had some extra skin for a few weeks. But its all good now. Just need to re-gain some muscle as I have limited core strength and my ab muscles are all stretched. I have been to the chiro to make get my back and pelvis are in alignment again. So I have been thinking, how will I make this work?

1 - Will I have enough time to train for races?
2 - Now that I am a ‘responsible’ parent will I be keen on hammering downhills still?
3 - Can I afford to race now I’m not working?
4 - Is it feasible to juggle a baby with race preparation, travel and racing?

Questions questions. Well all of this may be impossible, but I am always an optimist and will look into how I will make this work. I am still learning how to feed, settle and get baby Felix to sleep. Which although sounds simple, is not the easiest task. I did manage to do some stretching and yoga the other day which was fantastic. Progress = tick. I have a home gym set up, so I can do weights when I have the chance. Where did that time go....?

I also have a big block of land, begging for some dirt jumps to be built. Perhaps I need a home 4X gate too? As for my keenness for racing DH now I am a mum, we shall see. I haven’t got back on the bike yet.

The Team Banshee guys are always looking to get good accommodation for races, and save costs for the team. Thats a bonus. I’m ready to take on the challenge of racing with nappies, bikes, breast pumps and tyre pumps!! Saturday, 21 August 2010


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First Ride Back (6 weeks post baby)

So I got out on the XC bike on the weekend.

Yay! Besides a bit of soreness in all kinds of places, it felt fantastic. Its been 6 weeks after the birth, and about 17 weeks since my last ride.

Now thats a long time! I didn’t go too far. Not because I was worried I couldn’t make it home. I was more worried about my two boys (one big one and one little one) I had left at home without any food supply for the little one.

So it was a quick squirt around our local forest for 1 hr, and about 13km. It was so nice to feel the wind in my hair and sunshine in my face. I didnt care that i was maxing out my heart rate at 190 bpm on one of the simplest hills. It just felt fantastic. Fresh air and I was alone on the bike for the first time in almost a year! whoa.

I’m devising a strategy as to how I can get in a few decent rides a week. This is a great start. I’m feeling proud of myself that I felt well enough to go out for a ride, and also that It all came back to me - just like riding a bike really!
Monday, 30 August 2010


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Got out for an xc ride at bunya. Just another small loop for now of 13 kms. That's about all my body can handle at the moment.

The decents were fun and flowy. I wasn't too slow and could still keep it together. Climbs were tougher. I have lost a fair bit of leg strength, which will probably take a while to regain. Some days I manage to get some stretching in and a few weights. I hope to get into more of a routine soon, but first have to get Baby Felix into a routine of sleeping a bit longer!

Otherwise I end up carrying him all day long and can't do much. The 4x state series has not been announced yet. Not sure if there will be one. The first nationals is in November, so that's a few months away. Saturday, 4 September 2010



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Training has changed completely to what I was doing before. I don’t get to commute to work anymore (40kms a day) and I dont have time to get out on the bike during the week.

So, Ive joined a ‘Baby Boot Camp’ group. There are 20 mums and babies in the group and we meet twice a week with personal trainer. There are no weights involved (except holding your baby!). This gives me the chance to get some running and sprints in. We do pushups, squats, step ups, bench holds etc.

The sessions are held in the parklands at New Farm and Roma St. Its different to any other PT sessions I have done. But at least if Felix is crying I dont feel guilty as other babies cry too. Its good to get out doing aerobic activity again.

Monday, 4 October 2010


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My xc race machine is finally coming together. I'm not sure how much it will weigh in the end but im trying to get light parts ( without going nuts). I haven't been out on the bike much as I've been in SA and down on the gold coast.

I have been running though and going to boot camp. I tend to drink too much coffee and eat sweet things now. I think it's because I'm at home more and think I deserve it from all this hard work. I'm still sleep deprived but am getting more used to it now. The first 2 rounds of the 4x nationals are being held in Sydney in mid November.

I've entered and booked my flights. I have not done any gate practice yet! Maybe next week I will try to do some. Gulp.

The races are being held in conjunction with a xsportgames event. I'm aiming to just head out and have some fun. I imagine it will be like a bmx track so not really my style. But it will be good to get out on the bike and also watch the other events.

Monday, 1 November 2010


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