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Penny Stack

Photo Below: Part of the Stack. My mum and Felix on the end. 2nd on in Tony, 5th one in is me, 9th one in is Ian.

Every year, Queensland’s Penny Farthing riders meet at Sandgate to create a ‘Penny Farthing stack’. No, it’s not where you fall off the Penny and ‘stack it’. It’s where you all climb aboard your Penny and line up together, balance and interlink your arms. It’s quite tricky because you have to balance up there on your bike. Hoping that the people next to you don’t wobble and fall off.

The Guiness world record for a Penny farthings Stack was made in 2002 at Evandale, Tasmania with 69 Pennys. In 2003, this record was broken by “The British Ordinary Enthusiasts who created a self-supporting line of 131 penny farthing bicycles in Abbey Park, Leicester, UK.”

Today in QLD we managed 34. Which is not a bad effort considering the World record is 131!

Photo Below: Here you can see how our arms interlock. So you arn’t actually holding your own handlebars.

Photo Below: Tony on the end and me near Santa

Photo Below: The whole stack

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Anaconda Adventure Race Results

What a great weekend to hang out on the Gold Coast and do an Adventure Race. The weather was warm, but not too hot.

Check out the Anaconda Rapid Ascent website for details of the race:


Our team assembled in the morning of the race ready to have fun and smash ourselves. We raced in a team of 4 (Team name - A young 'un, 2 old farts and a banshee) and finished up 8th in our category. It was a tough race for each of us. Detailed results can be found here:


Chris the Swimmer did well, doing the 1.9km swim in the ocean in about 37 minutes. He had to run for a bit in the sand too, which would have been hard work.

Photo Below: In this photo, Chris hands over the timing band to Gary.

Gary the Paddler. Gaz smashed out the the 15km ocean and river kayak leg in about 1:47 minutes.

Photo Below: Gaz paddling to the transition point

Colin the Runner: Colin did the 12.5km run in 1:16 minutes.

I finished up with the 18 km MTB leg. I did it in 1:18. It was steep and tough. Some of the climbs were completely unrideable. So steep! But I keep on top of it, and tried not to let them beat me. There was a stupid creek crossing near the finish, which was quite deep. I got stuck in it for a good few minutes. Almost completely going under water into the slushy mud and reeds. It was stinky and really gross.

Photo Below: Taking off on the MTB ride

Photo Below: Then we all ran 2km together to the finish line.

Photo Below: The team after the race

Photo Below: Overall results below

Photo: My individual mountain bike leg results.


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Anaconda Adventure Race

It’s been a busy last few months, as I have gone back to work 2 days a week. But finally I have another race on the agenda!

The Anaconda Rapid Ascent event is being held on Sept 11th on the Gold Coast.

Im entered in a team of 4 where each of us will do a leg of the event. The first up is the Swimmer. I havent met him before, but good on him for being able to swim 1.9km in the ocean! whoa.
Next up is the Paddle. Gaz will be doing the 15km ocean and river kayak leg.
Then Colin will do 12.5km run and I will finish up with the 18km MTB leg. Then we all run 2km together to the finish line.

I know Gaz and Colin are super fast and will go hard in their events. I will do my best, but I feel a little underprepared and unfit. But my competitive spirit will kick in when Colin finds me at the transition. Add a bit of adrenaline, and I should be right.

Looking forward to the first race on the Banshee Viento. It’s light and tough so will be perfect for the steep climbs and rainforest conditions I’m expecting out in the Gold Coast hinterland.


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Round 3 and 4 - 4X Nationals

Round 3 and 4 - 4X Nationals

The final two rounds of the Nationals 4X were held at Toowoomba showgrounds.

The track was quite fun, and I wish I had more time prior to the event to practise the track. Lately I have been playing it safe at races and dont hit the bigger jumps as I dont want to injure myself for the race! But if I went there prior to the race I could practise things in my own time. Anyway, the weather was great and track very fast and in perfect condition.

Round 3 was held on the Saturday. I came 2nd in one heat and 3rd in the other 2. Finishing the race with a 3rd place in the final.

Round 4 was held the next day and I came 2nd in two heats and 3rd in one, then 3rd place in the final. I finished the season in 3rd overall for Elite Women 4X.

Pretty happy with coming 3rd in Australia with a 8 month old baby. Thanks to Tony, Felix and Team Banshee for their support.

Photo Below: Spraying champagne all over everyone. I like that part.

Photo Below: After the race


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Australian National Champs Race

Australian National Champs Race

We arrived safely in Adelaide with Bike and Baby stuff. No problems with excess baggage so that was good. This was my first race back since having a baby and also since Dec 2009. So its been a long time! Im not feeling too fit, but entered the race with the aim to get back into it, have fun and see friends.

4X is not my preferred discipline. I rather DH or XC, but 4X seemed the easiest of the 3 to race in while looking after a 7 month old. Tony my husband was there to keep the little man looked after while I was racing, but because I am still breastfeeding so I need to be close by.

It was hot and dry up at Eagle Mountainbike Park. I had not ridden the 4x track before and it looked quite tricky in places. As soon as you are out the gate there is a rock drop then a gap jump over nasty looking jagged rocks into a berm. Practice went ok, and I was comfortable with clearing the rock gap jump on the first straight. There were 5 different lines you could choose from, with the Gate 1 line having the largest rocks to jump over, and Gate 4 the smallest. I was comfortable with all the lines except one. I had a decent crash on the one straight out of Gate 2. I think I clipped my front wheel on a slippery rock which sent me over the bars. I got some good bruises and thankfully didnt break anything.

Gate starts are getting better, but sometimes I cant clip my feet into my pedals. Something I need to work on. Race Day: Practise at the track started at 8:30am. Seeding at 4:30pm then racing at 7:30pm. So a very long day out on the hill. Especially for a baby... I seeded in 3rd place which meant I had a choice between 2 gates in the final. This was good because it meant I didnt have to choose Gate 4 which sent you straight into the outside line of a berm. A very slow line. Sarsha seeded in 1st place, so got 1st choice. After a bit of indecision, she chose Gate 2. Indi chose Gate 3. I was happy with this because it means Gate 1 was mine. It had the largest rocks to gap, but was the fastest line. Felix was pretty cranky by the time the finals came around. I could see Tony and him on the sidelines in the heat struggling. So I had extra things to worry about. I was completely over the race by the time finals came around. It had taken too long and my little man needed feeding!

Because the Elite Women had seeding rather than Motos, it meant that I had no practise riding with anyone else in the gate with me! So this was a big downfall I was not confident with storming out the gate and over the rocks with 3 other girls. This showed in the final. I failed to clip one foot in, and was very slow out the gate. Everyone says I gave them all a 20m head start. Whoops. I came out the gate in 4th place, then managed to get into 3rd on the first corner. Then one of the girls nudged me out the way on the 2nd corner. But I got her again on a rock jump, when she went around it. With a sprint to the finish, I nearly got 2nd, but had to settle for 3rd.

I was happy that I raced and competed, but not happy with the ‘way’ I raced. Lack of preparation, practice and sleep! Hard to give 100% on the little sleep and energy that I had. Next Nationals race is at Toowoomba in March. I will aim to be a bit more positive by then!

Here is a link to the highlights footage.:

Photo Below: Me racing in the 4X Finals.

Photo Below: Pump track racing.

Photo Below: Podium in 3rd Place


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Australian National Champs

We are all packed and ready to go! Tried to pack as light as I could. Travelling with a baby plus bike makes it hard to keep under the 23kg limit applied by Qantas. I am really hoping my bike bag comes in under the 23kg so then I dont have to pay extra. I just realised that my Silver Frequent Flyer status must have expired meaning I am now back to Bronze. Silver you get 32kg allowance. Bronze only 23kg.

We have a car seat, baby bumbo seat, portacot, massive gear bag with full face, armour, riding kit stuffed in there. Plus nappies, wipes and little bowls with suction bottoms. The cat is about to be taken to the cattery for the week and the Boy is currently sleeping - giving me time to quickly post this update. I am excited to race and my bike is finally race ready.

Had a few hiccups with the brakes not working properly. They were stuck on full time. Then i got them fixed, and then they wouldnt go ‘on’. So a fresh set of pads and another $70 later and it should be perfect to race on Thursday.

I am nervous about racing because its been over a year.... Im hoping it all comes back to me and I can get that competitive edge back. Numbers are down for 4X, so that should mean there is less pressure. But Im hoping it is still fun and there is some good competition and racing heats.


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How the Viento Rides

So I have finished building up the XC beast.

Its all pimped out with a silver, red and black colour scheme. I wanted it to be sub 10kg , but it came in at 10.4kg. The running gear is all SRAM X0 with the Avid/SRAM X0 brakes. I’ve got Fox 120mm forks and DT Swiss rims and Hope hubs. I decided against tubeless tyres because I’m unfamiliar with them and it would probably take me too long to get them sorted on the bike. And I want to ride it as soon as I can! I got a super light weight saddle which some of my friends saw and said it will ‘eat me alive’. So now I am apprehensive about how it is going to ride (especially as it’s not long ago I had a baby…).

It has been raining a lot in Brisbane lately. Creeks are flooded and people have even died from trying to cross flooded roads. This means all the MTB trails are flooded and dangerous to ride for a while. The maiden voyage of the Viento was very enjoyable! It was stiff on the rear, so any small lips or jumps it easily launched. Landings were not as rough as I expected (being a hardtail). Cornering it felt like a DH bike. I don’t have wide bars on it, but it just felt great and tracked well on the corners. Could be the length of the bike and the rake of the forks I’m not sure. It climbed surprisingly well. I’m used to riding carbon XC bikes, and I thought this may impact on its climbing ability. But when I cranked the pedals over it immediately responded and took off. Looking forward to bonding with the bike and some longer rides in the future. So far I’m happy with the way it rides.

Photo Below: The madien voyage. 11th Dec 2010

Photo Below: The madien voyage. 1st Dec 2010


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Options - Baby on the bike

Looking for kiddie bike trailers to put little man in. This way I can still get out on the bike during the week and spin the legs over. I wont be able to do anything extreme, but it should be good leg strength training pulling an 11kg trailer and an 8kg baby behind me.

I have a helmet for him already, but its too big. So we need to wait until his head grows before he can go in the trailer.

Photo Below: Bike Trailer


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