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Australian National Champs

We are all packed and ready to go! Tried to pack as light as I could. Travelling with a baby plus bike makes it hard to keep under the 23kg limit applied by Qantas. I am really hoping my bike bag comes in under the 23kg so then I dont have to pay extra. I just realised that my Silver Frequent Flyer status must have expired meaning I am now back to Bronze. Silver you get 32kg allowance. Bronze only 23kg.

We have a car seat, baby bumbo seat, portacot, massive gear bag with full face, armour, riding kit stuffed in there. Plus nappies, wipes and little bowls with suction bottoms. The cat is about to be taken to the cattery for the week and the Boy is currently sleeping - giving me time to quickly post this update. I am excited to race and my bike is finally race ready.

Had a few hiccups with the brakes not working properly. They were stuck on full time. Then i got them fixed, and then they wouldnt go ‘on’. So a fresh set of pads and another $70 later and it should be perfect to race on Thursday.

I am nervous about racing because its been over a year.... Im hoping it all comes back to me and I can get that competitive edge back. Numbers are down for 4X, so that should mean there is less pressure. But Im hoping it is still fun and there is some good competition and racing heats.


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