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Welcome to baby Leteisha!

Welcome to baby Leteisha!
8hours before baby
Photo: Here I am about 8 hours before Teisha was born. At my mums house enjoying cheese and crackers.

Baby Leteisha was born on 5th August 2012 after a fast 3 hour labour. We made it to hospital in time which was great.

We are slowly getting used to being a family of 4. Felix is a little rough but tries to be loving and gives her kisses on her head.

I will wait until my 6 week check up with the Obstetrician before jumping back on the bike. Need to make sure I am all healed. I don’t want to do any further damage.

Photo: Here we are just after she was born at 3:20 am.

Newborn baby girl

Photo: And a photo of her all snug in a merino wrap. Just like a burrito.
Baby all snug


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