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After 14 hours or so of flying, we finally made it to Vancouver. The plane trip when fairly quickly as we watched movies, and had a few beers. Only about 4 hours into the trip I decided to put on some roll on deodorant.

Unbeknown to me, the roll on ball fell out (due to the pressure difference) and I ended up pouring liquid deodorant all over myself. The smell was fairly overpowering, but at least it wasn’t a bad smell.... After the deodorant incident, everything was fine. Our bikes made it safe to Los Angeles, where we changed planes and went through customs and then through it again. Nick had already told us that his bike did not arrive in Vancouver (he had been in Canada for 4 days without a bike).

Ours made it fine to Canada and in one piece. On our 2nd day in the city we decided to hire bikes and ride around Stanley Park. In Canada they run their brakes backwards (front brake on left, rear on right). Tony decided to undo his front brakes to avoid going over the bars. Stanley Park was a great place to do skids. We also saw a raccoon. This one was in the sea, scavenging around for food (I was surprised to see one in the water, but I dont know anything about raccoons...).

We found a nice brewery/pub on Granville island and also another one in Gastown called Steamworks. The city was full of cruiser bikes. They look cool, but not sure how functional they are... especially going up hills.

Saturday, 18 July 2009


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