Ride Bikes


My xc race machine is finally coming together. I'm not sure how much it will weigh in the end but im trying to get light parts ( without going nuts). I haven't been out on the bike much as I've been in SA and down on the gold coast.

I have been running though and going to boot camp. I tend to drink too much coffee and eat sweet things now. I think it's because I'm at home more and think I deserve it from all this hard work. I'm still sleep deprived but am getting more used to it now. The first 2 rounds of the 4x nationals are being held in Sydney in mid November.

I've entered and booked my flights. I have not done any gate practice yet! Maybe next week I will try to do some. Gulp.

The races are being held in conjunction with a xsportgames event. I'm aiming to just head out and have some fun. I imagine it will be like a bmx track so not really my style. But it will be good to get out on the bike and also watch the other events.

Monday, 1 November 2010


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