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I did my first off road triathlon this month. It was an interesting experience! The trails were wet and muddy which suited me. I only swam once in a pool in the lead up, so the 350 m swim was interesting...   

Lets just say it wasn't pretty! I did ok in the run, and made up time on the MTB. It was very tough though getting out the water and jumping on a bike straight away. I surprised myself and came through in first place. Next time I think I will train for the swim leg, its not a nice feeling wondering if you will make it or not. 

Photo thanks to www.photoevents.net.au

Friday, 13 February 2009

Photo above: Im over on the far right standing. Not too keen to jump in that stuff.

Photos above: The best bit. The MTB ride!

Photo: Get out of my way mister.

Photo above: The crowd goes wild.

Photo above: Running to the finish.

Photo above: Yay I made it!

Photo: Tony and I.