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4X Race - Gold Coast

4X Race Gold Coast

I learnt a lot more this time round. I spent more time planning my race strategy rather than just jumping out the gate without a plan. There was also extra to think about with my race. I was racing at about 80% and really did not want to get taken out by anyone.

The weather was hot and sticky. We had three heats, which I managed to get Gate 1 each time which was the toughest line with a tight corner into sand and a small drop off. I dont mind taking that line, but the sand was really loose and sketchy.

I came 1st in two of my heats and came 2nd in the other. Cherie came 1st in the last heat, which I almost go her on the last pedal to the finish. She was uncommitted in the last rock section and braked hard before hand which meant I carried more speed. But I couldnt pass her in the tight switch backs to the finish. So that meant Cherie had first choice of gate and I had 2nd choice. Julie and Brodie had the remaining gates.

Cherie picked Gate 1, but I knew she wouldnt race that line and was likely to cut in front of me into either line 2 or 3. She is fast out the gate and I knew she would get out first. I stayed back in the gate to make sure we didnt collide. I took the inside line on the 2nd corner and almost had her as she took the outside line.

Then it was up to the 3rd corner, where I chose the inside line again but it was sandier than I expected and slid out and off the bike.

All over for me. I was happy with my race even though I came through in 4th. It was worth a shot! First crash on Rampy.

Sunday, 6 December 2009


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