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Tassie Nationals Round 1

4X Race Tasmania Aussie Nationals

Poor Tassie was down on numbers for all events (*not based on actual statistics).

The DH was quite expensive ($200 for the weekend I think) and that could have contributed to the lack of people. Or maybe it was because it was held so close to xmas. It was much cooler than QLD which was a nice change. I only raced in the 4X not the DH. The logistics and cost of flying down to Tassie with 2 bikes was just not worth it. Darren and Carol from Brisbane Boutique Bikes and Barspin Imports flew down to support the Banshee team. Thanks guys! and sorry that your tent got blown to pieces....

Ben Power was racing in the DH, Ryan Hunt in the 4X and DH and Alan Hepburn in the dirt jumps. I think the Banshee would be up for the DH though. Just might be a bit rough, but I think it would be ok.

It would make me sad though if I smashed my X0 redwin red on a rock. Racing time came around and I had a clean race coming through with a 2nd place behind Sarsha. My best ever Nationals result so far (and 10 weeks pregnant)!

Ryan Hunt (Team Banshee) came 2nd in the Elite mens event. Ben came 5th in the U19 downhill and Alan came 2nd (I think... in the dirt jumps). Go team!

Sunday, 13 December 2009


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