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Team Banshee

I am stoked to announce that I will be part of Team Banshee Australia for the coming 09-10 MTB season. With races lined up locally and nationally I will be kept busy throughout this year and next. My bikes have been stickered up with my personalised “Banshee Jayne Rutter” stickers. SWEET! I am so eager to get out on my Rampant and get training. However I will need to wait until at least September before I can go at it hard again. I am also getting myself a Banshee Viento for XC racing. This one from http://www.bansheebikes.com/viento.html looks sick. But mine may not be as pimped out as this one is to start with! Its not the lightest XC bike on the market, but its renowned for being tough and strong. Hopefully I can build it up to be around the 10.5 kg mark.

Full details of the race calendar are located here <>. The QLD 4X series should kick off in September, followed by the Australian Nationals Series in November. The Australian National Mountainbike Championships will be in February 2011 in Adelaide. Thursday, 10 June 2010


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