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There has not been much racing happening lately. I have entered in the last 3 State DH races, but they have been cancelled due to rain and floods. So, what has been happening..... My last DH race was back in February in Tasmania. I have not been on the DH bike much, but mainly because of the weather and lack of races. The bike has been recently serviced and my forks have pretty much been replaced.

We head to Canada in a week and a half. So my bike is all ready to go. Today I went out to the jump park to see how the new forks felt and get out on the bike. I felt a bit sketchy - but mainly because I did not want to crash and injure myself so close to going over seas. I have been hitting the weights frequently to build up strength. Even though this restricts time on the bike, its been quite wet and cold so no big deal. I have a unicycle which I am learning to ride. It is great fun and requires patience. I can only ride about 3 m at the moment, but getting there.

Sunday, 5 July 2009


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